Most CPAP machines with a standard hose will work straight out of the box with the SoClean.

If you use a heated hose then it's probable that you will need a specific adapter to connect with the SoClean.

Choose from some of the more popular CPAP machines below to see the available adapter.

How Does My CPAP Machine Connect?

If your CPAP machine uses a standard hose then it is likely that it will work with the standard fitting that is supplied with the SoClean. The standard fitting connects between the hose and the CPAP machine. However, if your hose is heated and has an electrical connection then the standard fitting cannot be used and so an adapter is required. 

The adapters are available through our site. The adapter is usually a moulded piece of plastic which adapts your current machine to accommodate the standard SoClean tubing.

The adapters are straightforward to fit (and come with a How To guide) After a few minutes your CPAP machine will be configured and you don't need to change or disconnect anything going forwards.

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