What is Ozone?

Read about what it is and how it's perfectly safe when used correctly.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (also called Activated Oxygen and O³) is a powerful oxidising gas which is produced naturally from oxygen (O²) whenever sufficient ultraviolet (UV) radiation or electrical discharge occurs. Ozone reacts with and destroys any organic matter and many chemicals too. It has a very short life before it returns back to the oxygen that we breathe.

Where does Ozone naturally appear?

Most people are aware of the Ozone Layer which protects our planet from UV radiation. The Ozone is created when radiation comes in contact with Oxygen in our atmosphere creating a band of gas. Another example of Ozone in nature is during a lightning storm. The Electrical discharge from a lightning bolt charges the oxygen around it creating Ozone.

Where else is Ozone used?

Ozone is a tried and trusted sanitising technology used on a daily basis in a range of applications including :

  • Water Purification
  • Hotel Laundry
  • Hospital Sanitisation
  • Food Preparation

Is there any smell to the Ozone?

The by-product of Ozone is an odour similar to bleach or chlorine, which is the reason that the air can smell fresh after an electrical storm. The more that Ozone cleanses the air, the stronger the reaction and so the stronger the smell. Similarly, after the SoClean has finished its cycle the CPAP equipment will have a slight odour to it, letting you know that the sanitisation has been completed.

Why does Ozone get a bad press?

Ozone is completely safe and harmless when used in a contained and controlled environment, where it has been allowed to return to Oxygen before it is released into the environment.

However the introduction of some Ozone Air Purifiers, which pump Ozone into the oxygen around the home has generated some bad press because the Ozone is not contained and therefore can be unstable.

How does SoClean differ?

SoClean uses Ozone in a controlled, closed environment. The Ozone generator in the machine runs for 5-10 minutes to create enough Ozone to be pumped through the CPAP equipment and kill all germs on its journey. Once this cycle is finished the machine has a 2 hour rest period which is more than enough time for the Ozone to revert back into Oxygen. At the end of this cycle the mask can be removed from the chamber and is safe to use straight away.