Automated CPAP Sanitisation Solutions

SoClean are the world leaders in sanitisation products for CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP devices.

Kill Germs

We clean our teeth twice a day, we clean our kitchen surface once a day, we clean our toilet once a week. How often do you clean your CPAP?

It's common sense that you need to keep your CPAP equipment clean, right? After all, we spend up to a third of our day breathing through a CPAP device.

How often do you clean yours?


Save Time

Of course the trade off for a clean CPAP is that you need to take time to clean it. And that's not simple, is it?


You need to dismantle your equipment, clean it, rinse it, and then dry it before reassembling it.


And you are expected to do this every day. The novelty soon wears off....

You need SoClean!

Our SoClean products provide effective, automated sanitisation to give you the peace of mind that your CPAP equipment is germ free, every day.


Simple To Use

Daily, automated sanitisation. Pop your mask in the SoClean and that's it!

No Liquids or Chemicals

The patented Ozone process is clean, dry and completely safe.

One-time Setup

No need to dismantle your equipment each time.

You're in Good Company

Thousands of happy customers all around the world!

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